MVD Europe B.V. provides distribution services and manufacturer representation in Europe with a product focus in the digital video and streaming media industries. Offering business development, marketing, logistics, channel management and product warranty support services, manufacturers choose MVD Europe B.V. for its industry expertise and extreme dedication to an exceptional customer experience at every level of the supply chain.

Products we distribute include Magewell Video Capture Cards, PTZOptics Cameras and Accessories, and HuddlecamHD Cameras and Accessories.

Magewell Video Capture Cards

Magewell focuses on the core technology of video and audio processing. With guiding principles of continuous innovation and providing customers with outstanding support, Magewell has earned a strong reputation for the exceptional quality, performance and reliability of its I/O devices. Distributed globally, Magewell products are used in a wide array of professional video applications including broadcast, live event streaming, medical imaging, lecture capture, surveillance, video conferencing, gaming and more.

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PTZOptics Cameras and Accessories

PTZOptics manufactures PTZ broadcast conference cameras which consists of four pan tilt zoom cameras with HDMI, HD-SDI, USB 3.0, IP Streaming and/or CVBS video outputs. The ability to stream video and audio from every camera is a unique feature for PTZOptics which allows camera control from any computer on the same network or android device with the PTZOptics camera app. PTZOptics UVC camera control supports both absolute and relative controls for integration with web based video conferencing software. PTZOptics is also considered one of the best webcams for video calling.

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HuddleCamHD Cameras and Accessories

HuddleCamHD  manufactures USB connected conference cameras and speakerphones. Offering both wireless and wired USB webcams, HuddleCamHD is most known for it’s affordable USB cameras with pan, tilt, and optical zoom capabilities. HuddleCamHD also manufactures a wireless speakerphone called the HuddlePod Air. The HuddlePod air is one of the industry’s first wireless USB speakerphones that uses the 2.4 Ghz wireless spectrum.

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