Case Sharing: Magewell Pro Convert H.26x to HDMI-A "Must" for Church Tech Tool Kit

June 13th, 2020 

Dear Magewell partners,

We’re happy to share with you the application of Magewell’s Pro Convert H.26x to HDMI decoder in church worship service.


“How could I send video of the worship service from one side of the church building to another?”, that’s a quite common question. Most people would press a tablet or computer into service and hook that up to the TV, but there are several down-sides:

• Regular maintenance is needed, like OS updates and occasional reboot;
• Pop-ups and even blue screen of death;
• Non-dedicated machine needs to be set up every time.


Magewell Pro Convert H.26x to HDMI decoder is a perfect device which can convert multi-protocol based IP streams into HD HDMI signal for display. Some benefits it can bring you:

• Plug-and-play in DHCP-based network and zero configuration
• Support different streaming protocols including SRT, RTMP, RTSP, RTP, UDP, HTTP
• Support decoding video in H.264 or H.265 format
• Support up to 4096x2160 60fps HDMI output
• Both PoE and USB power supply are available

For more details about this case study, please refer to Thank you!

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