Magewell is Updating Firmware of Pro Convert Encoders

February 19th, 2020

Dear Magewell partners,

Magewell is updating firmware of all six Pro Convert encoders to V1.0.588. By using this firmware, customers shall be able to use features that are only made possible via NDI 4.X and users who want to control PTZ but were limited by the lack of integrating NDI PTZ control in their application can get extra benefits. Please see the details as follows.

What's New:
1. Add "Full frame rate for low bandwidth" function, which supports outputting video with full frame rate in low-bandwidth condition.
2. Add "Audio Reference Level" function, which supports adjusting audio modes.
3. Add "Discovery Server" function, which supports discovering NDI devices across network segments.
4. Add "UDP Unicast" function, which supports retrieving NDI streams with UDP mode.
5. Add new PTZ control protocols: Visca UDP, Pelco-D, and Pelco-P.
6. Optimize the layout of the Web UI.
7. Fix some bugs.
Firmware V1.0.588 for Pro Convert encodes will be available online at the Download page on Febuary 20th. Please update it to your customers if necessary. Thank you!

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