Magewell Releases the Pro Capture Driver for M1 Macs—V1.3.4247

May 18th, 2021

Dear Magewell partners,

Magewell releases the Pro Capture driver for M1 Macs, Mac ARM driver V1.3.4247. Please see the details as follows.

Pro Capture Mac ARM Driver V1.3.4247

Initial release. This driver is for customers whose Macs are equipped with an M1 chip.

Supported Operating Systems

           • macOS 11.3 and later.

Supported Capture & Playback Software

           • A third-party capture/playback software is required to capture both video and audio. The native capture/playback software of macOS (such as QuickTime Player) can only recognize the audio device of Pro Capture but not its video device.


Driver V1.3.4247 for Pro Capture has already been available on Magewell website, users can download at the product pages and Downloads page.

Please update it to your customers if necessary. Thank you!

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