All-New Versatile Joystick:
The PT-JOY-G4 include Power Over Ethernet (PoE). Take control of cameras all across your network with a single Ethernet cable connection. Simplify your next joystick setup with a PoE network switch.

A Controller for All Production Setups

Introducing the PTZOptics 4th Generation IP Joystick Controller. Compatible with most PTZ cameras operating serial or IP protocol, including Sony, the PT-JOY-G4 is a legacy-friendly controller designed to easily integrate into a wide array of existing production systems, and even allows users to switch between protocols with the touch of a button.

Enhanced Setup Management

A newly added web user interface will decrease your set up time, allowing you to get multiple cameras up and running in as little as five minutes! If you’re using the PT-JOY-G4 for different productions or sets, we’ve got you covered. Import and export settings for specific use cases or production environments.

For network setup, the PT-JOY-G4 will dynamically obtain an IP address upon connection to your LAN. If your network is not able to supply DHCP addresses, you can assign a static IP address to the controller.

Streamlined Production at Your Fingertips

With an expanded LCD screen and a wide range of knobs for fine tuning, a single camera operator can easily:

- Operate cameras in basic, matrix and normal modes
- Access cameras and quickly recall preset locations
- Control white balance, red and blue gain, shutter speed and more!
- Use web-based and smartphone app control for added flexibility

Low-Latency PTZ Joystick


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