Case Study: Magewell Capture Devices Simplify Live Event AV Productions for SEG

June 18th, 2020 

Dear Magewell partners,

We're happy to share with you the application of Magewell's USB Capture external capture devices in live event production.


SEG (Special Events Group) is searching for plug-and-play solutions to reliably bring live SDI or HDMI video and audio feeds into streaming or projection mapping software on their laptop.


Magewell's USB Capture SDI Gen 2 and USB Capture HDMI Gen 2 helps SEG to bring SDI or HDMI signals into their laptops via USB 3.0 for use with live presentation and projection mapping software including Dataton WATCHOUT and Resolume Arena, as well as streaming to CDNs and social media platforms such as YouTube Live and Facebook Live.


“Magewell devices were the first ones we used that were truly just plug-and-play, whether on a Mac or Windows system, and stable,” said Kachamakov, CTO of SEG, “They're simply plug-and-go, with no setup required, and their ability to auto-sense the input format means we don't even need to worry about configuring the resolution if we're using a different camera or format.”

For more details about this case study, please refer to Thank you! 

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