Magewell is Updating Firmware of Pro Convert Decoders

July 3rd, 2020

Dear Magewell partners,

Magewell is updating firmware of Pro Convert NDI decoders to V1.1.576. By using this firmware, customers shall be able to decode NDI streams in the NDI|HX and NDI|HX2 formats as well as HTTP-based HLS streams. Please see the details as follows.

What's new:

• Support decoding of NDI streams in the NDI|HX and NDI|HX2 formats.
• Support decoding of HTTP-based HLS streams.
• Support decoding of MP3 audio.
• Optimize H.26x decoding performance to provide faster decoding and better compatibility.
• Fix known defects and optimize user experience


Firmware V1.1.576 for Pro Convert decoders has already been available online at the Download page, but press release will be distributed in August. You're suggested to update your stock if NDI|HX is a feature required by your customers or you can also direct them to the download website. Any new shipment from Magewell since today will be updated to the latest firmware.

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