Magewell is Updating Firmware of Pro Convert Decoders

February 22nd, 2021

Dear Magewell partners,

Magewell is updating firmware of all seven Pro Convert decoders to V1.1.652. By using this firmware, customers shall be able to access more new functions. Please see the details as follows.

What's New:

• Optimizing the decoding function for better compatibility.
• Supporting switchover between TCP or UDP for RTSP stream decoding, with TCP as the default.
• Supporting DNS address resolution for SRT stream decoding, and adding the Stream ID parameter for the Caller mode.
• Embedding the Discovery server which boots from startup.
• Fixing other known issues.


Firmware V1.1.652 for Pro Convert decoders has already been available on Magewell website, users can download at the product pages and Downloads page.

You don't have to update your stock. We'll start to use the new firmware in the future productions. Please update it to your customers if necessary. Thank you! !