Dear Partners,

Please note there is a new software release coming for the NSCaster X1/X1A’s with the following additional features:

1. Add power on password function;
2. The channel name uses the device name of live+ automatically; the channel name can be revised manully;
3. Add delete uploaded file option for FTP uploading;
4. The zoom factor can be increased or decreased by 0.01 in image overlay editing;
5. Optimize the efficiency of image overlay editing and zooming
(Image overlay editing supports touch and drag to change the size, non proportional scaling in the lower left corner, and equal scaling in the lower right corner;)
6. Add WiFi authentication function (use mobile phone to assist X1 to do WiFi login authentication);
7. Touch protection in recording and streaming, and mute protection in master auido.
8. Shield audio mixing for IP camera input source to prevent silent recording;
9. Fix some failure of YouTube access to information
10. Fix the X1A DNS problem of Facebook unable streaming;
11. Optimize interface rendering efficiency;
12. Add the function of automatic streaming after startup;
13. Other bug fixes.

Thank you,


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